DWAIN LURIELLE ™ Be Amazingly You

Everyday is an opportunity to create new memories, to live out our dreams, and to open those magical doors and begin those amazing journeys.
Dwain Lurielle ™ believes in empowerment through feeling confident, appreciated and beautiful. So, along with every authentic and unique signature perfume oil by Dwain Lurielle ™, is an associated power word that stands by it with absolute authority, serving as a consistent positive and motivational affirmation in your life.
Climax ~ Transcend ~ Levitate
Engage ~ Inspire ~ Release
Unravel ~ Prevail ~ Dream
Motivate ~ Believe ~ Focus

These meaningful words are there to affirm that you are just as amazing as you feel. You wear these words like you wear your own signature perfume oil. You let no one stand in the way of the goals that you set out to accomplish each and every day. You are a part of something special, unique and as amazing as you are. Express yourself like very few can. Remain confident, know that you are appreciated, and look no further than the nearest mirror to see just how beautiful you truly are.

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